"Tribulation." What's this about?

Most students of prophecy judge in a case of "trouble". It is good referenced by prophets and Jesus and John:

Prophet Jeremiah in his 30th section sees a anticipated era he calls "Jacob's Trouble" (Jeremiah 30:7). The mention is to the parent of the Jewish nation, a man likewise proverbial as Israel. He says that this occurrence will be new in its devastation, the identical entry an angel who appears in the autograph album of the futurist Daniel says astir a "time of trouble" forthcoming to the planet, in relationship with resurrections and judgments (Daniel 12:1-3). In separate words, this affliction period is the start of the end of all holding as we cognise them present.

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That aforementioned file of mental object is repeated by Jesus in Matthew 24:21. Here the statement is "tribulation", but that is simply different version of the one and the same Greek sound translated "trouble" in separate passages. Jesus too is talking of the end of all things, which he says at once follows this tribulation. And John's Book of Revelation describes the horrors of God's wrath, exploit no uncertainty to the reader that the time he describes is also the instance of the end.

Now what do Bible teachers show by "Pre"- or "post"- tribulation?

There is a number of starring problem future. Unprecedented. Final. And, there's a "snatching up" , a "catching away", a "rapture" upcoming too. The full put out we contract near present is , Which comes first, the trouble, or the flight? If one believes the transmissible up is first, he is a "pre-tribulation rapturist", whether he particularly likes such as a description or not. If he believes the ecstasy is after the trial and in information a constituent of the 2nd future of Jesus,

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He is "post-trib."

Sadly, the church is in earnest partitioned off on this issue? There are those who will not adopt the duration or ministry of individuals on the "other side" of this symposium. How that came to exceed is a mesmeric analysis but must be engaged for different incident.

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